The following are some of the on-going projects:

Women and youth livelihood projects

WELL promotes women and youth empowerment through projects for income. We have set up farming projects for youth, these provide employment, income and training on work ethics. During the COVID 19 lock down, these projects have engaged the youth gainfully other than roaming around the village. The women have soap and Jelly making for livelihood, Crafts making projects, bakery and tailoring projects. These projects provide employment and income for the family well being and because of the increase in household incomes domestic violence has reduced greatly.

Education project

WELL promotes education especially for the girl child. In an effort to promote equity and access to education, WELL collaborated with ICT experts to create an online facility, code named “ Sharebility Uganda”  available at, having a pool of educational resources for sharing by learners and teachers. WELL has initiated holiday teaching programs for the poor and vulnerable school girls. These programs help to keep the girls together during holidays for sharing experiences, teacher guided peer teaching and to keep them safe from disruptive environment at home. They have also helped keep the girls safe from defilers and possible pressure for early sex.

On the Sharebility Platform, we have Class Presentations, Notes, eBooks, Tests and Quizzes, Home-schooling Packages, Exam Past Papers with Answers, Video Lessons, Tutorials, Schemes and Lesson Plans according to class level and subjects of the Ugandan Curriculum.

WELL also carries out sensitization and guidance programs in schools for the promotion of girl child education.