How will we use your money?

Skills development: 450 Euro will facilitate I girl for tailoring skill for 1 year. 350 Euros will facilitate 1 woman /girl in bakery skill for 6 months. 400 Euro will facilitate I girl for hair dressing skill. 150 Euro will buy requirements for each skill x3 (Euro450).
Income generation skills and start-up capital

500 Euro will facilitate business management training for 50 women. 3000 Euros will provide capital for savings and credits scheme for 50 women. 20 euro will buy a piglet for 1 woman. 100 Euro will buy 77 birds (croilers) for 1 woman. 40 Euro will buy 2 rabbits for one woman/child.

Thank you very much!


How to Donate

Payments should be made to:
Organisation Name:-Women Empowerment and Livelihood Links(WELL)
Organisation Account: 0133226194478001
Organisation Bank: – Eco Bank Uganda,
Swift or BIC Code: ECOCUGKA
Jinja Branch.

Donate via WorldRemit - Online Money Transfer

WorldRemit offers money transfers to more than 110 countries. You can choose a destination country by going to and selecting the “Send To” drop-down menu, or by logging in to the WorldRemit mobile app. You can donate to WELL through the Executive Director by
Service: Mobile Money Transfer,
Payout Network: MTN Mobile Money:
Account Number: +256–782–886505