WELL is grappling with increasing cases of VAWG against its limited financial capacity. Florence presents a very desperate situation of violence against women. She is a widow taking care of two mentally disabled women whom other relatives have disowned. She volunteered to share with them her house and provide for them. But the relatives of her late husband have denied her access to her late husbands land to cultivate for food. When she plants trees, they cut them down. They have gone to the extent of closing off access road to her house, may be to stop well wishers from accessing her and the disabled women. She says that whenever she is away fending for the family, the relatives attack and beat up these disabled women. She reported the case to the local council chairperson who referred her to police. Police invited the culprits for interrogation, held one for a while and released him. For lack of money, Florence can not afford to follow up the cases. She needs support to gain access to and control over her late husband’s land, justice in the cases against harassment of these vulnerable women, provision of medical care to the women who urgently need treatment. Without the treatment which she gets from Mbale Hospital, sometimes they turn violent to her. Florence has approached WELL for this help but we can not afford it, any assistance from anywhere will be appreciated.

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